winwalk - it pays to walk

Pedometer, step counter and walking app (no GPS). Walk, sweat & earn gift cards.


About winwalk - it pays to walk

winwalk is a free pedometer that counts your steps and rewards you with gift cards from top brands!
Move to earn now: walk, run, sweat, burn calories, improve your fitness and get rewarded with free gift cards!

winwalk is a fun and easy to use walking app to track your daily steps, calories, distance, and time. The best part is that you can convert your steps into coins that you can spend on gift cards from leading food, entertainment, fashion, and health brands.

This activity tracker is more than just a step counter. It’s also a fitness pal that motivates you to walk more, improve your health, and get paid for it. It’s the perfect step tracker app for anyone who wants to make walking fun and rewarding.
Download the winwalk step counter today and start earning gift cards for your steps!


Why should I use this walking app as my fitness pal in 2023?
🆓 Free Pedometer - Step Counter App: No paid features, 100% free health & fitness app.
💰 Get Paid to Walk, Run & Sweat: Coins can be redeemed for gift cards, game codes, or gift codes (no Paypal, Venmo or cash transfers).
😍 Beautiful Design: Fun and simple to use step tracker, lightweight (< 30MB) & customizable.
🔒 Anonymous & Secure: No sign-up, no email, no personal information, no GPS tracker.
🆘 Good Customer Service: Contact us at for quality support.
This makes winwalk one of the best pedometer, step counter and walking app to coach you to a healthier and more active life!

How to earn money by walking with winwalk pedometer?
1️⃣ Walk to earn coins: Earn 1 coin / 100 steps. Reach the 10k step goal to earn up to 100 coins daily for your sweat.
2️⃣ Redeem coins for rewards: Visit the shop to exchange your coins for digital gift cards, redeem codes, and game codes from top brands (incl. Amazon, PlayStation, Walmart, Xbox, etc).
All the gift vouchers are received instantly in-app, no waiting time when you cash out!

How does the pedometer tracks my steps?
This walking tracker app uses the phone’s step sensor to count steps, indoor and outdoor. Alternatively, you can sync with Google Fit to track your steps, which can count steps better and consume less battery.

Can I use my smartwatch pedometer?
If you use a smartwatch, mi band or other wearable devices, make sure to connect them to Google Fit! You can use the following apps: Health Connect, Fitbit, Health Sync (Garmin, Huawei Health, Samsung Health), Zepp Life (Xiaomi Watch, Mi Band), HeyTap (Oppo Watch), Health Mate (Withings), etc.

Why aren't my steps in the Google Fit app showing up in the winwalk pedometer?
The steps synced to Google Fit from the following apps are blocked to prevent abuses: Defit, FitToFit, Strava, PokeT-Walk, Pokewalk, Map My Walk, Step me, Fit as You, Pacer, RunnerUp, Sit Sync, Step Me Health, FiTest, StepUp, Step Counter - Pedometer, Pedometer - Step Counter App, 7 Minute Workout, Calorie Counter by Lose It, etc.

With what pedometer or health apps can I sync winwalk with?
You can only sync winwalk with Google Fit. winwalk can NOT be synced directly or provide any support for other step counter & pedometer apps like Weward, Sweatcoin, Cashwalk, Pacer, MyFitnessPal, Macadam, Runtastic, etc.

Will walking 10,000 steps help me reach my fitness goals and lose weight?
Walking 10,000 steps equates to roughly 5 miles (8 km) depending on body weight, walking intensity, and walking pace. Research conducted on walking programs suggests that it’s a safe and effective exercise that may aid weight loss and improve overall health and wellness.

How to contact the winwalk team?
Reach out via the “FAQ & Contact” menu, or email us at

- The winwalk pedometer is 100% free but contains ads. Gift cards are like cash rewards and winwalk is ad supported.
- This Android step counter is only released in selected countries. Please do not use a VPN or multiple accounts, or you may be suspended.





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